Probus Taylors Lakes Weekly Bulletin during Isolation Period – #4

Wednesday 15th April 2020

Friendship, Fellowship and Fun

To All Members,

Week 4 of restrictions/lockdown and by the reported numbers of daily infections, as members of the Community, we all appear to be doing our part to get through this dilemma in the shortest possible time.

Your Club, cares about you and will continue to send out a Weekly Bulletin to maintain communications with you and your friends at your Club. This is not the only communication tool available, as Chris Smith has activated the Probus Taylors Lakes Facebook Page. You can also log on to the Probus Taylors Lakes Web Site, which has relevant information available, including the current and previous copies of our Monthly Newsletters, with Committee contact information and other relevant details. Please do not refer to the calenders in these Newsletters, as all activities are suspended/cancelled.

Regarding members who do not receive emails or available to utilize the communication tools above, your Club is organizing a ring around for these members. But we request you all to keep up communications with your friends, so no one falls between the cracks. It is also recommended, you remain focused on good positive outcomes and not dwell continually on the negative aspects of media reports on this Medical Crisis.

As a reminder there are no Club meetings scheduled until current restrictions are eased or removed. But we are investigating the best media platform available, to see which is suitable for an on line AGM meeting with the minimum required numbers of members, to hold a duly constituted AGM. This is being investigated, but continue to assess, at what time in the future it may be possible to hold a revised meeting at a suitable venue. We shall keep you advised of our progress and decision.

In the meantime, activities continue to live our life as normal as we can. In our case, we have moved on from gardening to DIY repairs and Property Maintenance. As you ca see by the photo below, an illustration of how a young fella utilizes a ladder safely. I don’t know about you, but I have plenty of work ahead of me, to fill in time whilst these restrictions are in place. My biggest problem is knowing what day it is, as they all seem the same.

Bruce the painter

It was good to see Eleanor Robinson on Channel 9 News last night, in a dancing role at the Taylors Lakes Residential Village with other residents, organized to get residents out of their units and active. Well done.

Thank you for your telephone calls and good wishes during the week and if you, have photos or reports which you wish to share with the members, send to Chris for distribution.

Please keep safe, well and continue with your communications to let members know how you are going.

Bruce Verlander,
President Probus Taylors Lakes

Probus Taylors Lakes Weekly Bulletin during Isolation Period – #4