On the 25th November 2013, a formation general meeting was held.  The Club name, constitution and standing resolutions were set.  At that meeting Michael Donnelly and Ron Carmichael represented Rotary.

The first general meeting was scheduled for February 3rd 2014.  Across the Christmas break people elected to positions became unavailable.  New positions had to be confirmed.  At this meeting Chris Smith volunteered to be “Activities Co-ordinator”.

An inaugural event was held at R.J.Logan Reserve, Altona on February 11th 2014. This event having been organised by the formation committee in November 2013.

Chris formed a sub-committee, consisting of Ron Bell, Greg Sibley and Alie Missen.  This sub-committee designed a base of activities for members to participate in, taking into consideration members’ interests.  Bus excursions was a priority therefore the first trip was to the Cuckoo Restaurant in the Dandenong on June 19th 2014.

Interest groups formed at this time:

The club’s first AGM was held at Taylors Lakes Hotel on Monday, 24th March 2014.