Past Presidents

  • 2024 – Glenda Frazer
  • 2023 – Graeme Hewitt
  • 2022 – Gary Niewand
  • 2021 – Graeme Hewitt
  • 2020 – Lorraine Martin
  • 2019 – Bruce Verlander
  • 2018 – Lorraine Martin
  • 2017 – Anne Newger
  • 2016 – Greg Sibley
  • 2015 – Chris Smith
  • 2014 – Maree Treacy
  • 2013 – Les O’Dea

Life Members

Chris Smith – inducted 28th March 2022

Ron Carmichael – inducted – 21st March 2016

Awarded to – Mr. Ron Carmichael

In recognition and sincere appreciation for his tireless and outstanding service in the establishment of the Probus Club of Taylors Lakes. “This honour recognises Ron’s commitment to the ‘True Spirit’ of Probus; Friendship, Fellowship and fun; someone who is happy to provide ‘service above self’. “

Awarded on 21st March 2016 by President – Mr. Chris Smith & Secretary – Mr. John Bromley

Text of motion to Bestow Life membership

Moved by outgoing President, Mr Chris Smith 21st March 2016


Before I close the main business of the AGM and pass the meeting to the Election of office Bearers I have one special and last item to perform as your President.

This business has not been included on the agenda for a good reason, which you will understand in a moment.

I believe it’s appropriate at an AGM and at this point in our clubs history to take a moment to thank those members who gave so much of their time and energy into establishing this club. 

One member in particular deserves to be especially recognised for the huge effort they have put into this clubs establishment.  So it’s with great pleasure and with the unanimous support of the CoM that today I request you the members join with me in Thanking  this member and showing your appreciation – “Members I now Move that Life Membership of the Probus Club of Taylors Lakes be conferred upon Mr Ron Carmichael for extraordinary service in establishment of this club.

This Motion has been seconded by Mr Michael Donnelly.

Members does anyone wish to speak for or against the motion.

May may I have a show of support so Life Membership may be conferred upon a member who has rendered outstanding service to the club.

The Motion was passed unanimously