Probus Taylors Lakes Weekly Bulletin during Isolation Period – #2

Friendship, Fellowship and Fun

To All Members,

Here we are at Week 2 already, time goes so quickly when you are having fun.

Now you are required to stay at home (especially if you are 70+), your Club will continue to send out a Weekly Bulletin to maintain communications with our members and your friends at your Club. This will not be the only communication tool available, as Chris Smith has activated the Probus Taylors Lakes Facebook Page you can join or the Probus Taylors Lakes Web Site, has relevant information available, including the current and previous copies of our Monthly Newsletters with Committee contact information and other relevant details.

I am pleased to advise there has been a good take up of the above communication tools, plus, please remember if you need to speak to someone, do not hesitate to give one of us a call for a chat.

Finally, you can also make contact with our Media Officer, Chris Smith, if you have some interesting information you would like to distribute to the members of our Club.

Regarding members who do not receive emails or available to utilize the other communication tools above, your Club is organizing a ring around for these members. But we request you all to keep up communications with your friends, so no one falls between the cracks. It is also recommended, you remain focused on good positive outcomes and not dwell continually on the negative aspects of media reports on this disaster.

To assist, I have updated last week’s activities as follows:-

  • Long walks continue
  • Daily gardening with the lovely weather, to the stage where the trees shutter when we go out each day, regarding who is next for a trim or major cut.
  • House work continues.
  • Foxtel movies plus catch up on Box Office Series.
  • Solitaire Challenge.
  • The long lunch with the wife went well, as per the photo below.
  • Shopping for essentials a couple of days a week, no stockpiling.

You may have some other activities or photos, which you may wish to share with the members, if so, send to Chris for distribution. For example, I understand from (1) one member, there has been a substantial increase in cooking, due to no restaurants available.

We look forward to the time, when we can all gather together again.

Please keep safe, well and as it is being often said in the media, we will get through this by helping each other.

Bruce Verlander,
Probus Taylors Lakes.

Thursday 2nd April 2020

Probus Taylors Lakes Weekly Bulletin during Isolation Period – #2