Walking Woodend

On Friday 30th August (10) at 9.30am, ten members met at the rear of the Taylors Lakes Hotel on a bright sunny day, no clouds in the sky, but only 8 ° for a nice leisurely drive to Woodend.

As with all Ron’s walks, the first port of call was at a bakery (Bourkies Woodend) for morning tea. What a lovely bakery, well patronized with excellent pies/pasties etc. and lots of vanilla slices, custard tarts, cakes and so on, I am sure you get the idea. Well worth a visit if you are in the area. All of the members were calling for a walk after such a great morning tea. For those who have attended the Woodend Mother’s Day Walk, our walk followed this path except for, turning off to include a visit to the new Shirley Park. In this estate a number of great properties and well maintained parks.

After leaving Shirley Park, we went back on the bush track to Woodend, for lunch. Lunch was at Paysanne Café, which was reasonably priced and had a wide range of meals to suit all. Following lunch a leisurely walk around Woodend, on a lovely clear Autumn Day, where some found the temptation to shop irresistible.

Another well planned and executed classic Ron walk, well done Ron.

Walking Woodend

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