The Probus ‘P’

Probus is is said was a ‘simple idea’ so it needed a simple recognisable symbol.

So basing a logo around the ‘P’ was decided early on, a ‘P’ in a circle. ‘P’ for “Probus”, encompassed by a circle, representing the circle of friends and companions gathered together as a club. The ‘P’ had to be original (as was Probus) and to fit inside the circle, to be rounded, pleasing, proud and outstanding. The circular surround takes a strong influence from the high and low sections of a castle wall, with raised segments.

So the ‘P’ is set within a complete circle to denote the strength of friendship and sense of belonging that must be a true and generous desire of every Probus member.

We can promote this symbol and promote our Club with pride.

The Probus ‘P’

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