Terry’s Bit of fun

I only know clever people, so I’m VERY sure you already know these – BUT just in case ………

Do you see the arrow between the “E” and “x” (in white)? 
               I had never noticed it before. 

The 2nd and 3rd “T’s” are two people sharing (or fighting over) a tortilla and a bowl of salsa.

The world’s most famous bike race. The “R” in “Tour” is a cyclist. The yellow circle is the front wheel of a bicycle, the “O” is the back wheel.

The arrow means Amazon has everything from A to Z 

There is a dancing bear above the “ble”.
Toblerone chocolate bars originated in Berne, Switzerland, 
whose symbol is the bear.

See the ” 31″ embedded in the ” BR”?
Thirty-one-derful flavors! 

See the gorilla and lioness (in white) facing each other?

The smiley half face is also a ‘g”.

The Toyota Logo spells the name… or rather has the letters.

Terry’s Bit of fun