Medieval Day Out

11 Taylors Lakes Probarians ventured back to Medieval times today, visiting Kryal Castle up near Ballarat.

Arriving there mid-morning and dressed for a warm 26 deg day, we forgot to deduct about 8 deg in temperature for Ballarat and found it quite chilly until finally the sun broke through the low clouds, and it then became a very warm day.

First on the agenda was morning tea at the local bakery shop inside Kryal Castle, then most went their own way checking out the souvenir shop, the lolly and ice cream shop and the many other novelty shops selling Medieval type trinkets.

We then regrouped and were treated to a show – ‘fairies vs goblins’ challenges on horseback (which the evil goblins won).

A little later after lunch, the fairies and goblins were back again, this time for a jousting competition and pleased to say the fairies won this time – yay. Obviously being school holidays, this was perfect entertainment for young children but still entertaining for the adults too.

Other activities on offer were archery, axe throwing, maypole dancing and a maze to get lost in. The torture dungeon, for those who ventured in there, found it quite creepy, but I guess torture was common punishment back in Medieval times.

Thanks once again to Ron Bell for a fantastic day out.

13th January 2023

Medieval Day Out