Garden Group Visit-Melton Botanical Gardens -20/6/19

Eight (8) eight members braved the winter and the shortest day to attend this trip. A good roll up considering the weather on the day.

It was  rained on the way to Melton but following morning tea on arrival, cleared so we could enjoy a great walk around this extensive Botanical Gardens.  

I have been going to Melton since the late 90’s and never knew this was tucked away behind the Industrial Park. From memory, it is approximately 50+ hectares of different gardens, mostly developed by volunteers with the assistance of the Melton Council and donations.

Well worth a visit.

At the next Garden meeting at the writers house, a couple of the plants purchased, will be in the ground and hopefully still alive.

For more information on the Melton Botanic Garden see their web page –

Garden Group Visit-Melton Botanical Gardens -20/6/19