10th Anniversary General Meeting - Archived Content
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The General Meeting held on Monday 27 November saw a great turnout of members celebrating the club’s 10th Anniversary.

On the day, we were lucky to be joined by Michael Donnelly who was one of three Rotary Club of Brimbank members instrumental in the establishment of our Club. If it wasn’t for his sponsorship, along with Ron Carmichael (our first life member) and Gail Horkings we wouldn’t be here today.

Michael was our first Secretary, Ron was Membership Officer and Gail, while not becoming a member, assisted during the first six months of the club. Michael provided great support by preparing the first policy documents, managing the incorporation of the club, and helping to steer us through the difficult start up period. Remaining a member until 2022, Michael contributed greatly to our club, something he can be extremely proud of. Michael commented on the day that he was very pleased with the current status of the club.

Also, on the day we recognised the founding members still with the club today. Our current life member Chris Smith was also available to cut the celebratory cake. Thanks to everyone taking part on the day.

10th Anniversary General Meeting - Archived Content